Some x Any ✎ Atividades

exercícios com some any inglês


Some – Used in positive sentences, and sometimes if we are requesting something.

Any – Used in negative sentences and questions.


atividades inglês


1) Escolha some/any corretamente de acordo com o texto!


A) I only eat ______ fruit s when I am very hungry.


B) Do you have ______ apples in your bag?


C) We don’t see ______ children in the park.


D) He has ______ things to do.


E) Do you need ______ help, sir?


F) You have to buy ______ more fresh tomatoes for the salad.



2) some or any?


A) Is there sugar for the cake?


B) I need to read more books.


C) Mary has got new friends.


D) The manager doesn’t have experience with kids!


E) They need time to finish the essays.


F) There is soup for you in the fridge.



3) Faça perguntas usando some/any!


A) Yes, I have four oranges. (Do you…)

Do you have any oranges?


B) I bought ten new toys. (Did you...)


C) No, there aren’t. (Are there...)


D) I have one brother and one sister. (Have...... brothers or sisters?


E) Yes please. I love coffee! (Do you...)


F) No thanks, I only drink beer. (Would...... wine?)


4) Coloque as frases em ordem!


A) he / some / needs / more / to / books / buy.


B) don’t / any / I / have / shoes / house / this / in.


C) sign / the / for / contract / he / to / has / papers / some.


D) advertising / some / we / create / need / to / new.


E) money / some / I / buy / need / to / car / new / a.



5) Consegue passar para o Inglês!


A) Nós não temos nenhuma fruta na geladeira.


B) Eu preciso de alguns dias de folga.


C) Ela não tem nenhuma amiga para ajudá-la.


D) Eles precisam de alguns ovos para fazer a receita.


E) Ele precisa vender alguns carros.



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