There is x There are ✎ Exercícios

exercícios com there is there are


atividades inglês


1) Escolha there is / there are corretamente de acordo com o texto!


A) __________ a girl walking on the street.


B) __________ people watching the game online.


C) __________ something very important I need to tell you.


D) __________ many things we need to do.


E) __________ a cat playing with some toys.


F) __________ four cars parked in the mall.



Tire dúvidas no material explicativo ➚


2) There is or there are?


A) a cup of sugar for the cake.


B) I am very buzy now and many books to read.


C) Peter has two sons and a girl coming.


D) The weather is cold today and tomorrow more rain!


E) things you need to know about your boyfriend.


F) many students coming for the test.



3) Responda as perguntas na forma negativa!


A) There are five apples in the basket.


B) There is a boy playing with the kite.


C) There is more to learn about this subject.


D) There are many workaholic people in the world.


E) There is a test coming next week!


F) There is a donut for you in the fridge.



4) Reescreva as frases, corrigindo os possíveis erros!


A) There is not a test next week, I need to study!


B) There are a girl eating French fries.


C) Are a woman there in the classroom.


D) There is five adults going to the party.


E) I need to buy a car, but there are not enough money.



5) Passe as frases para o Inglês!


A) Não há nada que podemos fazer, ele morreu!


B) Há um homem em frente a minha casa.


C) Eu estou fazendo um bolo, mas não há mais açúcar!


D) O projeto acabou e há coisas para fazer.


E) Não há mais nada a dizer sobre isso.



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