Was x Were ✎ Exercícios

exercícios com was were inglês


atividades inglês


1) Escolha was/were corretamente!


A) There ______ a man parking the car here.


B) I ______ studying for the English test yesterday.


C) They ______ here last night.


D) You ______ tired when you arrived.


E) ______ he going to college?


F) ______ we ready for this situation?



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2) Was or Were ?


A) I in my mom’s house yesterday.


B) They tired of listening to you!


C) She a beautiful girl.


D) We not happy with this meeting.


E) You late for your test, what happened?


F) He having some problems with his father.

3) Passe as frases para forma negativa!


A) She was very happy with the party.


B) They were in the hospital.


C) We were interested in the lecture.


D) I was very angry with my boss.


E) You were here yesterday to witness the crime.


F) He was with a new girlfriend, did you see her?



4) Reescreva as frases, corrigindo os possíveis erros!


A) We was not in the supermarket.


B) She were here with me when I needed.


C) He was with me yesterday, so I don’t know where he is.


D) was you with your sister, Marcus?


E) I weren’t feeling well, I needed to go to the hospital.



5) Passe as frases para o Inglês!


A) Eu estava na farmácia com minha mãe quando ele chegou.


B) Nós estávamos cansados para trabalhar de manhã.


C) Ela estava fazendo um bolo de chocolate delicioso.


D) Vocês estavam certos sobre aquela mulher.


E) Ele não estava dirigindo o carro naquele dia.



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