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exercícios com verbos irregulares inglês


atividades inglês


1) Escolha o verbo Irregular no Passado de acordo com o texto!


A) She _______ me the car as a gift.


B) We _______ tired of studying all night yesterday.


C) I ______ the purse because I needed the money.


D) They _______ the cake for the party in the morning.


E) This person I _______ was my best friend in my childhood.


F) My son _______ his shoes in the closet.



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2) Preencha as frases usando os verbos irregulares no passado!


A) She (see) her mother cheating on her dad.


B) I (give) my husband a beautiful present for his birthday.


C) I made a decision, I (break up) with my boyfriend.


D) My friend (ride) a horse and he fell on the ground.


E) They (fly) to New York two days ago.


F) You (eat) too much today, you eat like a dinosaur!



3) Coloque as frases na ordem correta!


A) She / me / walking / park / in / the / saw / night / last.


B) I / my / in / the / purse / forgot / bus.


C) He / me / letter / sent / apologizing / a / what / did / for / he.


D) They / in / supermarket / met / a / Sunday / on.


E) You / beer, / drank / a lot of / man!


F) My / slept / because / mom / a lot / tired / was / she.



4) Passe as frases para o inglês!


A) Eu guardei meus livros aqui, dentro do quarto.


B) Nosso voo saiu do aeroporto ontem à noite.


C) Meu irmão quebrou os copos de suco.


D) Você fez um ótimo trabalho, parabéns!


E) Meu patrão me emprestou quinhentos dólares.



5) Corrija os verbos irregulares no passado, de acordo com a frase!


A) My mom lose my watch in the pharmacy.


B) I swims in the pool but the water was very cold.


C) She go to my work and invited me to her party.


D) They sell the house for a good price, and I bought it.


E) My kid felt off the bike, but he didn’t hurt himself.



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