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exercícios com much many inglês


atividades inglês


1) Escolha many/much de acordo com as frases!


A) I don’t read _______ books on my Holiday.


B) Did you eat _______ rice ?


C) I don’t see _______ clouds in the sky.


D) She doesn’t have _______ tests to do.


E) They don’t have _______ time to spend on the beach.


F) You have _______ things to do tomorrow.


G) We have too ________ objects in the room.



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2) Much or many?


A) pens.


B) books.


C) coffee.


D) girls.


E) time.


F) friends.


G) water.



3) Faça perguntas para as respostas usando how much/many!


A) I have two books.

How many books do you have?


B) She spent four days on the beach.



C) I have only one hour for the meeting.


D) I drink two cups of coffee a day.


E) I bought ten cars.


F) I have three kids.


G) I want two spoons of sugar.



4) Coloque as frases em ordem!


A) have / we / time / to / don’t / much / here / stay.

We don’t have much time to stay here.


B) many / in / have / New York / friends / I.


C) spent / hours / they / in / project / many / this.


D) drink / you / how / do / much / day?/ a / water


E) don’t / have / I / money / much.


F) have / I / peaches / don’t / fridge / many / the / in.


G) up! / we / don’t / hurry / much / have / time.



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