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exercícios com comparativos inglês


atividades inglês


1) Escolha qual comparativo está certo, de acordo com a frase!


A) My house is ______ than yours.


B) This boy is ______, but my brother is too.


C) He is not ______ than us!


D) Australia is _______ than England.


E) This place is hot, but my country is _______.


F) I’m _______ now than yesterday.



2) Preencha as frases usando os comparativos adequadamente:


A) He is (bad) than his father, he is selfish.


B) The room was (small) than my house!


C) I think this test is (difficult) than Math.


D) My dad has a (big) car than yours.


E) Japan is (cold) than Brazil in the winter.


F) He has to do the dishes (fast), we need to go now!



3) Coloque as frases na ordem correta!


A) She / said / colder / her / than / mine / house / is.


B) My / bigger / bedroom / than / sister’s / my / is.


C) We / box / need / on, / come / a / bigger / pack / to / this.


D) Cats / intelligent / are / more / dogs / than.


E) Desert / hotter / is / of / Sahara / the / here / than.


F) Bowl / I / bigger / need / a / this / for / cake.



4) Passe as frases para o inglês!


A) Minha namorada é mais alta que eu.


B) Ele comprou biscoitos mais caros que carne!


C) Essa flor é mais bonita que margaridas.


D) Você fuma, então vou viver mais que você.


E) Minha mãe sempre quis ter uma casa maior.



5) Corrija as frases usando os comparativos!


A) This meeting is important than a dinner.


B) We need to have good plans for this project.


C) I am busy than yesterday, so I don’t have time for you.


D) She is important for him than anyone else.


E) He can’t buy this ring, it’s less expensive!



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